Custom Guitars

Building a custom instrument is something I enjoy immensely and also take very seriously. Here are just a few of the guitars I've had the honour of building for my clients. Drop me a line, I'd love to hear some of the ideas you have for your own custom instrument.

Custom Weissenborn-style acoustic


About 10 years ago I was lucky enough to find a huge, thick piece of Dracontamelon Papua New Guinea Walnut leaning on the side of a barn. I bought it up, meaning to use it for  some harp guitars, but instead I'll be making two gorgeous Weissenborn style acoustic guitars to order.


A nice simple look


A subtle look here. Beautiful flamed maple cap on an Alder body. We started off with no guard, with a Rosewood fingerboard. A special order for the singer in my band.

In the end, she decided on a hand tooled leather guard. Looks neat!

Xtreme Carve Top


A twist on an Ozzie classic.

The client wanted a Maton Style electric guitar. The result is this carve top beauty, solid Mahogany with carbon fibre inserts in the neck, an Ebony fingerboard with 2 octave neck a tail piece and 2 TV Jones pickups. 



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Tele-style custom

Nice figure in the Maple. Custom, electric, made-to-order, flamed maple, alder, rosewood, natural finish, Salvi's Fine Guitars