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On the custom Salvi Deniz Tek signature guitar..
"This one carries on the legacy and takes it even further. The ultimate in playability, tone and power...After 20 years on the '64 Coronet it's like going from a Ferrari to a Rolls Royce!"

                   Deniz Tek - Radio Birdman.

                   "Deadset RocknRoll Legend"

"..owner operator of  the institutional Salvi's Fine Guitars, Steve is considered Adelaide guitar royalty.."
Adelaide International guitar festival
"The Kings of Cheesy Quotes"

"This guitar really came into itself over these 15 shows. Its fucking fantastic.."
Dusty Lee -Wanderers band-Australia

on the Pistolero Custom T style.


About Steve...

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From Oz to the UK the USA and back again, Steve Salvi is passionate about guitars....

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A sensitive restoration of your Grandad's old Hofner or a rebuild of your favourite Strat....

Read about the Deniz Tek signature guitar and the "Pistolero" hollow body...