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Cool cats in the neigbourhood

Salvi custom instruments in action

Brillig - Fringe Festival 2010 - Assorted Fate

Elizabeth Reid from Brillig is playing a Salvi Custom Soprano Ukulele. ​​

Heather Frahn Album Launch 2012

An excerpt of Heather's awesome performance featuring her custom Baritone.​​

Go to session ace Jeb Cardwell

Jeb is playing a salvi custom lap steel. Catch his solo at 2:14!!​

Andrew Higgs

Andrew Higgs from King of the North playing a custom hand-built short-scale lap steel​​

Hi, I'm reclusive author Thomas Pynchon

Our very own guitar technician, Jonny Zweck, playing his Salvi custom f-hole tele style.

8-String Hybrid Guitar-Bass

Custom built for Heather Frahn.

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