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On the Bench

​Here are some of the more interesting repairs and restorations we've had "on the bench". Enjoy!

Hutchins Headstock Repair

Some guitars just love to break. It looks like this one is no exception. This headstock has now been broken twice in two different places, so it's time for a drastic solution...

Invisible pickups and railway spikes


​We can do just about any repair or modification. If you can explain it, we can do it! 

These model railway spikes act as mini capos for the 5th string on banjos or mandolins. The string is tucked under the spike and it is terminated on the adjacent fret, lifting the pitch of the string the desired amount. 

CF Martin & Co HD28V

Baked in the sun


The customer swears he hasn't left the guitar in the sun, and I believe him! But the guitar has been baked. My theory is that it was in the boot of a car and was driven East on a hot afternoon, and the inside of the boot got up to about 70c. This guitar has all the hallmarks of an instrument baked in an oven... 7 loose braces and a whole lot of shrinkage. But it will pull up just fine I think. Beware the heat!!

Cool Guitar of the Week!


​Slightly controversial vintage Rickenbaker repair...

This model didn't have a back angle so the strings danced right over the nut, and if you go to the forums, people are always complaining about it, so I "improved" it. Controversial!

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