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The Deniz Tek Signature Guitar

Well it's been a long time coming, but the DT Signature is finally here.

Originally brainstormed by Art Godoy, and then picked up by local guitar designer Kieron Lomax,  the guitar has become a focus of concerted effort here at Salvi's. The body is solid Mahogany with a set neck and Ebony fingerboard. There's carbon fibre in the neck for tone and strength, and it comes equipped with 3 Custom DT pickups designed and built by local guru Mick Brierley. 



Deniz Tek Signature Guitar - Prototype

Contact us here for latest news on model and pricing!!

"This one carries on the legacy and takes it even further. The ultimate in playability, tone and power...After 20 years on the '64 Coronet it's like going from a Ferrari to a Rolls Royce!"

Deniz Tek.

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