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Free Salvi's Musical Swapmeet!! Saturday! Also Vinyl!

Well it's on again! Our Musical Swapmeet in the illustrious Wheatsheaf Hotel 'Back Shed' A great venue with lovely people, lots of musical gear, like pedals, amps, guitars and basses, keyboards, you name it, and of course their delicious beers on tap right there at the bar! Get amongst it on Saturday the18th of December ay 2pm till 4 pm, short and sweet! Just bring anything you want to sell or trade, or just rock up with an eye for a bargain. Everyone is welcome to enjoy, buy, sell, trade or just talk music! It's all good. Forget Gumtree and the risks involved, come along to this and be in a safe, staffed environment and peruse the musical stuff! And just when you thought you'd heard it all, there's a pop up vinyl record shop in the front bar! Get amongst it!


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